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Santa Sessions

If you're out of school for the full week or just for just a few days, we've added extra 2-hour training opportunities for your athlete. Buy all 5 days and save $50 with the Santa Sessions Package or pick your days with a drop in rate and book each session individually. If you have any questions please text or call us at 602-834-3875. 

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GST Holiday Clinic

In soccer, a significant portion of goals come from transitions. In the upcoming two weeks of GST Holiday Clinics, we'll emphasize enhancing our athletes' defensive-to-offensive response and transition proficiency. Regardless of age or skill level, our aim is to boost your athletes confidence on the ball and develop the skills needed to swiftly move the ball into strategic spaces at high speed, ultimately increasing their scoring opportunities during these crucial transition moments. 

These are the skills we will focus on:

-Speed of Passing

-Reaction Time 

-Angles & Timing on Finishing Movements

-Learn how to attack a defender

-When to pass vs When to shoot

-Confidence on the ball to take players

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