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9am - 11:30am

2015-2017 Intermediate/Advanced

2012-2014 Intermediate

11:30am - 2pm

2013 Advanced/Elite

2014-2015 Advanced/Elite

2pm - 4:30pm

2010-2012 Advanced/Elite

We highly recommend that you take join a GST training session prior to signing up for a clinic so we can evaluate your athlete and make sure your athlete is in the right session.

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Monday - Thursday

July 15 - 18

GST Summer Clinics

At GST we don't believe in "Camps".  Our Clinics are designed for athletes who are wanting to grow in their skills, are serious about training and are expecting to have feedback and learn from our coaches.  Regardless of age or skill level, our aim is to boost your athletes confidence on the ball and develop the skills needed to improve on the field.

Our F.A.S.T. Clinics are unlike anything else you'll find in Arizona.  Your athlete will get an intense week working on their: 

F = Footwork

A = Agility

S = Speed

T = Technique

Whether this is your first time or you are a GST member, this is a great week of training. Our clinics will feature a 10:1 athlete to coach ratio.  Your child WILL receive instant feedback during all clinics and they will have a great time and push themselves to grow.  If you have any questions please text or call us at 602-834-3875. 


Make sure to buy the F.A.S.T Clinic Package FIRST and then go in and book each of the 4 days so we know you're coming!

11:30am - 2pm

2013 Advanced/Elite

2014-2015 Advanced/Elite

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