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About GST

Growth Soccer Training was formed in October of 2019 when Coach Javier Torres knew his passion for the game of soccer was going to turn into something bigger than an occasional soccer lesson in a local park.  Javi realized that Arizona soccer culture had become so focused on kids winning games on Saturday morning that those kids were missing a chance to actually learn the fundamentals of the game. Javi began teaching kids the technical skills and techniques that they need to truly develop into elite soccer players.  His attention to detail about the little things of a child’s development is what set him apart from very the beginning and continues to set his training apart today.  Javi opened up this current GST facility in the summer of 2022 after quickly outgrowing his original indoor space.  Javi is proud to be assembling an elite group of coaches, trainers and team mates to help form the GST family and establish this group as one of the premiere youth soccer training teams in the country!


Coach Javier Torres

Javier Torres

Javier is the Managing Partner and Head Coach at Growth Soccer Training.  If you think it’s too late to start playing soccer, know there’s hope!  Coach Javi didn't start playing soccer till his first years of High School, trading in a basketball for a soccer ball.  Javi went on to play high school soccer in Goodyear, Arizona for Desert Edge High School.  He began his college career at Phoenix College and was then recruited to play at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. Following a serious knee injury he overcame that adversity as  Javi finished his playing career at Benedictine University and then played semi-pro ball with Sporting FCAZ.  After graduating from college Coach Javi dreamt of a way to continue his love of soccer and changing up the way that soccer is taught to young athletes.  Coach Javi started teaching private soccer lessons and some group open play events at local parks across the Phoenix area and opened up his first indoor training center in the fall of 2019.  Along the way he’s not only trained but also been head coach of teams at Premier, AZ Select, Surf FC and more.  

Coach Javi has built a reputation as one of the best youth soccer trainers in Arizona by paying attention to the little things with each and every athlete that walks through the doors of GST.   He named it GROWTH for a reason and his young athletes are a testament as they come here to get better in their technical skills and their striking ability.

Come Work with Us

Do you love sports and love seeing kids develop into young athletes?  GST is always looking for new team members to join us as coaches, trainers and as front desk teammates.  Send us a DM @growthsoccertraining and let us know you’re interested.

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