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Lil' Ballers Summer Sessions!

Birth Years
2015 - 2016 - 2017 And NOW 2018 

Whether your Lil' Baller is brand new to the game or is considering a move from Rec Soccer to Club Programs this course is a perfect introduction and tune up of their soccer skills before moving up to our even more technical program!

Our Summer Sessions can be bought as a 10 session, 5 session or drop in package. Those sessions must be used by July 31. For the summer, you can choose which days and times. New to Lil' Ballers and don't know what level to sign up for? We can do an evaluation during your first session. Contact us today for more info.



Our GST Lil' Ballers program is divided into 3 main skill levels. 



WHITE 1 & 2 are for our beginner athletes who are just starting to learn the sport.  Our coaches have specific milestones for each level and athletes will advance up the training program as the various skill levels are mastered.


BLUE 1 & 2 are for our intermediate athletes who can prove they can consistently execute the required skills from the White 1 & 2 and are ready to take on more!


Our Lil' Ballers BLACK is for truly advanced Lil' Baller athletes who have build a very solid foundation of their technical skills and are now just trying to get more and more repetition and touches on the ball before they graduate from our Lil' Ballers portion of our program and into our High Impact GST training.

Lil' Ballers White & Blue train 1 hour each week ($200 for 8 Week Program)

Lil Ballers Black train for 1.5 hours each week ($300 for 8 Week Program)

(See Schedule For Time Options)

**If you were enrolled in the Lil' Ballers program previously you will receive an email from a Lil' Ballers coach letting you know the correct skill level to register for.

**If you are new to the Lil' Ballers program please email us or call 602.834.3875. to sign up for an evaluation time before you register for the program. 



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